Old Pale Hill, Delamere

I’m quite lucky in that where I live there are many green spaces right here on the doorstep. Hoomum likes to get out and about though and often takes me to different places.

Now I’m older and a bit bigger, I travel a lot better in the car so we can go further. I used to have a booster seat to keep me secure but I’ve since outgrown (and out-chewed) it.

Now I just wear an Ezydog harness which came with a free restraint and can be used with any cars existing seatbelt. You can find more details about it here if you’re looking for ways to help keep your pup secure in the car.

Anyway, I digress..

A few weeks ago hoomum had some time off work so the two of us went on one of our favourite walks, up to the trig point at the top of Old Pale Hill in Delamere. It’s a nice and easy, scenic 60 metre ascent from the car park with amazing views when you get to the top. At 176 metres above sea level, the summit is the highest point of the Mid Cheshire Ridge.


We start our walk at Gresty’s Waste car park just off the A54 near Kelsall. Despite the fact it’s only a short journey from where we live, I still get a treat for being a good girl. Being good in the car is being good in the car regardless of how long I’m in it for. That’s how I see it anyway, so I’m not moving a muscle until I get one.

At the very start of the walk we have to cross over a super busy main road, hoomum picks me up and carries me over because I do have a tendency to just stop for a sniff whenever I fancy it. Once we’re over the road and a few meters into the trail I’m allowed off lead and free to roam.


Technically the walk up to Old Pale Hill is part of Delamere Forest and is therefore maintained by the Forestry Commission, the trail and surrounding area is fantastically well managed. It tends to be a bit quieter than the main forest, despite being part of the Sandstone Trail route. If you do ever venture out this way, keep an out for the doubled headed hog.


We take a right turn after passing the hog half way along the trail between the road and the main Delamere Forest area. This takes us into more open surroundings and some farmland. There is no need to walk through any open fields, we just stick to the footpath. There were a few cows in one of the fields adjacent to path but I stayed well clear of them because they’re a lot bigger than me and that freaks me out, especially since that incident on another part of the Sandstone Trail, but that’s a story for another time.



After following the footpath for about 1.5km and a short steep climb we reach the top of the hill otherwise known as Pale Heights.


It was a lovely sunny day therefore the views were tremendous.


Apparently there was a refreshing breeze at the top of the hill but being a fluffy little thing, it felt more like gale force winds to me. Hoomum obviously found this very amusing as she took plenty of photos of me at this point.




As well as the trig point there is circle of red sandstone at the summit and plaques which provide details of the various points of interest which can be picked out in the distance on a clear day, these include the Jodrell Bank Observatory near Macclesfield, Frodsham and Helsby Hills, the Derbyshire hills and the Shropshire hills of Long Mynd and Wrekin.

There was only one other person at the summit, so I got myself a quick cuddle, hoomum exchanged pleasantries and we quickly got on our merry way.



We headed back down a different way towards the main forest and then took a left to head to Eddisbury Lodge Cottage where we could pick up the Sandstone Trail again. I have to go back on the lead for this part of the walk as there can be infrequent farm traffic. It was another left turn which would take us back to the car, first through some farmland and then back to the forest trail where we started.

It’s a short but quite diverse 5km route which can be completed in about an hour. You might want to factor some time in at the top though as the views on a clear day are truly stunning and it’ll be hard to drag yourself away.


The car park we use at Gresty’s Waste is completely free but closes at 6pm.

I hope this post has inspired you to get out and explore the wider Delamere area, please share with your friends and follow my twitter feed for regular pupdates.

Evie x

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