What the Buff®?

Those of you who follow my instagram or twitter feeds might have noticed that I often wear a little something extra around my neck.


It’s called a DOG Buff®.

Buff® have a history of producing multifunctional headwear for hoomans, their most popular creation can be worn as a scarf, bandana, hat, face mask or wristband.

The product that they have created for us pups is also fairly versatile in that it can be used three ways as indicated on the packaging.


So why do I wear it? Well, other than it looking amazingly stylish and helping other hoomans to recognise that I am a girl (I have the Wilma Pink fabric), it serves two main purposes.


One – It helps me stay safe in dim light. Each DOG buff® has two vertical retro-reflective Scotchlite tape stripes which allow the hoomans to easily see me while we’re out hiking or walking in the great outdoors during low light conditions.


Two – It allows the hoomans to stop me and scoop me up quickly and easily if I am about to get myself into any trouble. With me being fluffier than the average pup, the hoomans often struggle to find my collar quick enough to grab it if I need rescuing. If only I had been wearing my DOG Buff® while climbing up to the summit of Shining Tor I may have been rescued before getting myself stuck in a bog.


I’ve learnt my lesson from that adventure and now I always wear my DOG Buff® outdoors when I’m going to be spending a lot of my time off-lead.

If you think that wearing a DOG Buff® could help your pooch stay safe, you can find more details and order online at buffwear.co.uk or check out Amazon where you can get the Wilma Pink version like mine.

There is one condition though, DOG Buff®s are not to be used indoors to dress your pup up like a milkmaid. That type of behaviour is just simply not allowed.


Stay safe.

Evie x





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