Shining Tor?…

…more like Boggy Tor from where I was standing.


So this happened a few weeks ago but I still think its worth telling you the story. The hoomans had arranged to go for a walk with their pals P and J, to Shining Tor in the Peak District. I know what you’re thinking, what the hell is a Tor? Right? Well its simple, Tor is an old Celtic word meaning ‘high rock’. There you go, everyday is a school day.

There are many Tors in the Peak District but Uncle J had chosen Shining Tor as it’s summit is the highest point in Cheshire and he promised us fantastic views.

I think it’s important to let you know at this point that this how I looked before we left the house on the morning of the walk, my usual fluffy teddy bear self.


We headed out early and met P and J at Pym Chair carpark, they had baby T with them and their Border Collie pooches Burt and Bella. I love Burt and Bella but I’m starting to think that they don’t really like me that much, especially Burt, he can be really grumpy. Little baby T is 5 months old, he rides on his dad’s back in a fantastic Osprey poco carrier.

The hoomans have a quick chat about the route and then we head on our way. The plan was to walk a loop, we would go up and over Cats Tor first, then up to the summit of Shining Tor before descending down into the valley and back around to where we started.


It wasn’t far into the walk before we started the climb, the trails were clearly signed and the terrain was well maintained. The weather at this point was grey and grim but we were dry and perfectly happy plodding along.


The forecast had predicted the worst, winds and thunderstorms were on the cards and it wasn’t long before we started feeling rain. The hoomans were dressed for all weathers so didn’t really mind but not me, silly hoomum had left my coat in the boot of the car. It wasn’t going to be long before I started looking like a drowned rat! I just had to suck it up though, I didn’t want to look like a wuss in front of the big dogs, they weren’t bothered by the weather.


As we got higher and the rain poured, the ground was getting softer and softer and little pools of water started appearing. I ignored them at first but when Burt and Bella took an interest in a particularly large puddle, I had to see what the fuss was about. So in I went and what a mistake that was, it wasn’t a puddle, it was a BOG! I have never heard my hoomum shriek before, it was like the kind of noise wild Hyenas make during their annual mating season. I was in a bog, I was in a bog up to my chin and I couldn’t get out, I was stuck. Naturally it was all hoodads fault, he should have stopped me and if he couldn’t have stopped me, he should have at least fished me out quicker instead of finding the whole scenario particularly amusing.


It took hoomum quite a few minutes to calm down before we could progress any further into the walk, but eventually we did and the scenery became more beautiful with each step of the way.


We were up and over Cats Tor before we knew it and then came the big climb, the hoomans were pretty saturated by this point and the rain didn’t show any signs of stopping.


It wasn’t a bad climb in the end and we made it to the top with no problems. Despite the weather, the views were absolutely fantastic, as promised.


Baby T didn’t seem to be enjoying himself however, so when we reached the top Uncle J tried to give him a bottle in the hope that he would settle. Hoomum couldn’t really help so took the opportunity to take a few photos.


I thought this bench was a really nice touch as it’s all too easy to take for granted the people who maintain the countryside that we love walking in so much.


The bottle didn’t work so P and J wanted to get baby T back down as quickly as possible and with the weather not forecast to improve, the hoomans all agreed that it would probably be better to just head back down to the car park, the same way we came. So thats what we did.


It took us less than an hour to get back down to the car where hoomum and hoodad attempted to clean me off using puddles and showering me with bottles of volvic spring water. Whilst they were able to get some of the dirt off I was still pretty coated with the stuff.

After the hoomans had a quick chat and said their farewells, we were on our way home.

I knew I was going to be in for a bath that evening but I didn’t expect to be in it for over an hour while hoomum pulled lumps of clumpy black tar like mud though my fur. It wasn’t very much fun but probably not bad enough to stop me investigating puddles again in the future.


As boring as it was, the bath was worth it, I mean look at me, back to my shiny best.


If I’ve inspired you to get out and explore Shining Tor just like I did, you can find out more about walking in the Peak District area by visiting this website.

I hope you’ve this post, please share it with your friends if you did.

Evie x




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