I’m the King of the…


I visited Chirk Castle in North Wales today and had myself a fabulous little adventure. Before I go into detail though, I have a confession to make..

I was lucky to be taken anywhere at all today because yesterday I was a naughty poo. I ate a whole bowl of cat biscuits, although it was hoodad’s fault really for leaving the stair gate open. After returning from daycare with a right rumbling belly I saw that the stair gate was open, I knew the cat’s bowl (which always seems to be full) was up there, what’s a hungry poo to do??

Hoomum was very concerned about my guts, whatever they are, and didn’t want to take me anywhere just incase the super tasty cat food had upset me and I had accident. I had a plan though, I got up super early and delivered not one but two prize winning logs onto the lawn. It did the trick and she was convinced I was good to go!

So off we went! I had no idea where we were going as usual, but I really hoped it was a forest because I love posing for photos on tree stumps while trying my hardest to look like a wood carving.

We were travelling for no more than half an hour before we got to our destination, here I am on the back seat of the car..


I’ve outgrown (and out chewed) my booster seat so this is how I roll now, like a big girl.

We arrived at Chirk Castle and parked up, Hoodad was particularly pleased that the carpark was free. When we were queuing up to get in he saw the price of entry, his pleasure seemed to subside a little.  The castle is now managed and maintained by the National Trust who charge £13.60 for adult entry. The village of Chirk is situated on the English/Welsh border just south of Wrexham, it’s pretty easy to get to for anyone in the North West area of the country.

As well as the castle there is a kitchen garden and a number of trails to walk around, that’s really what we came for. First, we headed up to the castle for a quick look around the grounds.



After a quick walk about, it didn’t take me too long to find the information board about the trails.


The hoomans decided that we would walk both the blue and red trails as they are not very long (2km and 1km).

A short distance into the blue trail it began to feel quite forest like, this pleased me no end, as I knew I would be allowed off my lead.


A few minutes later I found myself a HUGE tree stump, I just had to have a photo of me striking my best wood carving pose.


We kept walking, the trails made for a nice stroll, nothing too challenging and there were lots of opportunities for me to have a good sniff along the way.


The hoomans became slightly on edge due to numerous signs appearing warning of us about cattle and wild ponies, I don’t think hoodad had really recovered from the electric fence incident last week.


After completing the red trail and merging back onto the blue the landscape changed and became less foresty and more farmy. Thats right, you guessed it, we were faced with cows. Hoomum carried me through the field as quickly and calmly as possible praying that they wouldn’t mind us being there and would just leave us alone. We got to the other side of the field with no bother and didn’t have far to go then to get back up to the castle where we started.

It’s a beautifully maintained castle which was built in 1295 to guard the entrance to the Ceiriog Valley. The National Trust now only open it up to visitors between March and October.


By the time we got back my belly was rumbling again and I was ready for my midday feed. We headed up to the cafe which is convieniently situated in the courtyard of the castle. The hoomans had their cup of tea and a slice of pina colada cake while I munched on my usual yummy dinner. By the time we finished it started clouding over and feeling like rain might be on it’s way.

We headed back down towards the carpark and entrance area where hoomum had a little look around the shops. There was a regular gift shop selling all the usual National Trust type of souvenirs, a farm shop area and a second hand book shop.

book1 book2

If you’re think of visiting the castle with children don’t worry about entertaining them. There is plenty to occupy them including a play area and these zoomy little cars on a track, Hoodad was disappointed as he was much to big to have a go.


Although I wasn’t allowed inside the actual castle or the formal gardens, I did really enjoy walking the trails, it was a great day out. It’s a shame I didn’t get to see any of the wild ponies, I’ll just have to come back and try again.


More details about the castle including location, opening times and prices can be found on the National Trust’s website here.

BIG TIP: If you’re not fussed about going inside the castle or gardens, you can just visit and walk the trails for free.

For those who are interested, the paper guide with the trail maps on it is super tasty, in fact I’m having a munch on it while writing this post.


I hope I’ve inspired you to visit somewhere new, please like and share my post with your friends if you’ve enjoyed it.

Evie x


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