Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Evie and I’m a cockapoo. I was born in Rhyl earlier this year but now I live just outside the City of Chester in Cheshire with my two hoomans.

People make a massive fuss of me wherever I go, apparently I’m really cute. I love nothing more than being outdoors and embarking on a new adventures, I already have so much to share with you and I’m only 4 months old. My hoomans are pretty outdoorsy and like to visit lots of different places, now they have me, I get to go with them.

Stick with me if you’re interested in reading about tales of my travels and escapades, product recommendations and overall general cuteness.


  1. You really are adorable. I think you would be happier living with me though because I live right by the Sandstone trail and not far from Delamere forest and I would let you sleep on my bed with my cat Poppy. Think about it. In the mean time I look forward to reading about your doggy escapades.


    • Oooooh that does sound tempting, I sometimes sneak into the hooman’s bed for morning cuddles. I love going for walkies around Delamere Forest and I’ll be writing about my adventures on the sandstone trail very soon, you should look out for that one. You’re very lucky to live in such a beautiful area.


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