Hot Diggity Dog…

Is anybody else craving some cooler weather? Enough is enough. I’m so lucky that my hoomans got me this cooling mat to lie on, it’s got some kind of magic gel in it which always manages to stay cool. Hoomum told me not to chew it because I won’t be getting another one if I do, I know that’s not really true because it only cost them a few quid from a shop called B&M. I’ll just give them the eyes, I can usually get anything I want when I give them the eyes.


For anyone who doesn’t live near a B&M store, amazon stock the same mats in a variety of sizes. I have the small size, but they also have medium, large and extra large available.

My hoomans are trying lots of strange things in a bid to try and keep me as cool as possible. Take this for example, this afternoon while casually strutting my stuff around the kitchen I noticed some foreign objects in my water bowl. See pic below for my inquisitive face..


Upon close inspection, there was nothing to worry about, they were just ice cubes! Ice cubes?? What on earth were they thinking? I don’t want to drink ice cubes, I want to munch them! I’m teething pretty badly right now and they would be sooo nice on my sore gums.

There was only one thing for it, I grabbed the water bowl with my teeth..


..and flung those ice cubes (and all of the water) everywhere!

Now all I had to do was hoover them all up, easy peasy..


I hope everyone else is having as much fun as me trying to stay cool!

Evie x


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